We chat to model Anna Jagodzinska about her experience shooting Oroton SS17.

Behind the Scenes

You've just spent the weekend working on the Oroton SS17 campaign. What were your favourite items from the collection?

I love the new Forte Tote. It's the perfect size for me to wear everyday, from day to night. I also love how you can wear it in so many different ways.

What piece will you be investing in for your SS17 wardrobe?

An amazing cross body bag to wear everywhere, like the Avalon Zip Top Crossbody.

What do you love most about being outdoors in the sun and what's your favourite way to dress for summer style?

I love simple summer style, summer dresses and white shade clothing. I love a great hat and fabulous sunglasses. I love waking up early in the morning feeling the cold before the temperature sets and I adore summer evenings with my family and gatherings around the fire and dinner table. I just love the fact that you can be outdoors until 11pm and it still feels warm.

Behind the Scenes

What rituals do you have on set for shooting?

I always wake up 3 hours prior to the photo shoot. I like to calmly step into the day. I always drink hot water with lemon and I dissolve camu powder in water and drink that. I take my supplements and have a green juice. By doing this I prepare mentally for a long day at work. I also carry lavender, mint and lemongrass essentials oils with me for when I feel edgy; I use lavender on my wrist and breathe in lemon grass to gather my energy.

How did you prepare for this shoot?

Since I travelled from NYC I made sure I kept hydrated on the plane. I made sure I drank a lot of water and herbal teas, a day prior to  having a massage and doing hot yoga.

What tips do you have for looking relaxed and natural on camera, as well as interpreting the brief that's been given of modern, refreshed, timeless, and unhurried?

The best tip I could give is just to relax and feel good in your own skin. It really shows in the pictures. I self talk positive words to feel more confident.

Behind the Scenes

What do you love most about the Australian look, our style or attitude to life?

I love how open, friendly and cool all Australians are. They seem to be really in tune with them selves and I love that. This attitude shouts radiance and is contagious. I also love how Australians dress great without trying hard. It just works.

What are your favourite parts of Sydney, to visit, do, eat or drink at?

This time around I stayed at Bondi Beach. I immediately felt at home. I own a vegan bistro in Warsaw Poland so staying in Bondi was just like being at home. I love unique boutiques and stores with healthy food. And I love the energy people give off. I was very jetlagged but walking through the stress in Bondi gave me a great energy boost.